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Who Are We?

We are a community of passionate individuals who share a common mission:

To reinvent transparency for the age of mistrust. Among us are some of the world’s leading experts in cybersecurity, compliance, cryptography, policy, economics and ethics, including multiple serial entrepreneurs, the CEOs of major accounting, audit, media and forensic firms, an ethics professor, an advisory board member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and a policy advisor for the UK Government.

How Do We Do It?

The IAP’s capabilities derive from four core tools


Allow any party to create a time-stamped proof of the existence of evidence, such as a legal document or an historical event. Third parties, such as auditors or consumers, can independently verify this proof without impinging upon the privacy or confidentiality of the original data.


Allow any party to prove the integrity and custody of evidence over time. Third parties, such as auditors, assessors, supply chain managers and legal authorities, can verify these proofs by means of Chains of Custody (CoC). As with CyberTraces, the prover retains full control over the privacy and confidentiality of the original data.


Allows any party to prove that a computer program has been run in good faith without requiring any party to rerun the program or reveal sensitive data. It employs a variety of next-generation zero-knowledge proofs and underwrites all other IAP tools.


Report on the internal state of any device, from smartphones to traffic light. This allows any user to prove the historical activity of a device, and for IoT devices to trust each other. In combination with other IAP tools, CyberStates can automatically ensure the real-time functional integrity of any connected system, from a smart home to a smart city.

Network Verifiers

Network Verifiers receive fees for running the Information Assurance Application nodes (IAA nodes). Each application of the IAP can use these nodes in different ways. Verifiers can use their node to support multiple applications of the IAP. Anyone can be a verifier and run a node as it requires minimal computational resources.


Devices perform functions and attest and commit to their host device’s state in a way that is publicly verifiable and does not compromise the privacy or confidentiality of the host device.


Validators can use tokens to receive verification of information assurance attestations from proving entities.


Provers use tokens to assure validators of their attestations to the same data points, computational output or information assurance attestations.

Data Providers

Data Providers are parties and devices engaged in applications utilizing the IAP that provision data for the consumption of the AI (i.e. iOT-internet of things).

IAP Token Holders

Tokens are used in the security mechanisms for reaching consensus and accurate verification mechanisms. For applications built on the IAP, token holders can contribute to the security, scalability and decentralization of the platform and benefit inversely from the token’ utility. They enable use of the network.

Code Contributors

Code contributors receive tokens as an incentive for contributing code commits to compatible projects that use the Information Assurance protocol. Code can be accepted into projects via the IAP governance mechanism.

Ethical hackers

Ethical hackers can receive tokens for responsibly reporting and disclosing vulnerabilities in applications in a trustless, verifiable and decentralized manner.

Use Cases

Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)

Digital Forensics

Intrusion detection and analysis, machine learning and AI

Internet of Things (IoT) Device Monitoring and Control

Disaster Recovery and Data Redundancy

Anti-Deepfake Audio/Video assurance

Change & Dependency Management and Auditing

Ethics & Polycentric Governance Systems and DAO's


Continuous Identity and Authentication (+AAA)

Malware Analysis with Machine Learning

Critical Infrastructure State Transition System (RSTS)


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