Our Products
End to end compliance solution for GRC and Cybersecurity frameworks, launching with PCI-DSS module.
Auditing platform solution to drive the next generation of auditing practices for clients inc. GAAP and IFRS.
Digital forensics app built by Aperio Singapore for field forensic examiners to more easily track their work and bring evidence to court.
Solution for on-chain managed cloud authentication.
Transparent sustainability analytics for the hospitality sector.
Container logistics solution for tracking and monitoring of goods shipped such as commodities and freight, being designed with an international leader in shipping.
Solution for public clouds that allow easy demonstration of compliance fabric within infrastructure. Removes the risk of non compliant messages, transactions and transmissions.
Algorithmic verification and assurance for financial markets trading.
Threat intelligence application designed by Movaci Technologies.
Blockchain Identity solution for interoperability of all Core chains
Using the IAP to prove hauler activity and waste-disposal to users
Using the IAP to allow law firms to assure and secure legal documents