Our Team
William Vacher, Co-Founder and CEO
Will Vacher is a serial entrepreneur and a third-time founder specializing in cybersecurity and blockchain technology. He is a cybersecurity veteran with 15 years of leadership experience, including a...  Show More.
Tony Woodhouse, Co-Founder and CTO
Tony Woodhouse has had over 20 years of experience in leading technology companies, most recently as Head of Exchange Development at Omise, whose token, OmiseGo, currently has the 20th biggest cryptoc...  Show More.
Steve Franks, Founding Team Member – Research and Development
Steve has spent the last two decades building teams, envisioning and strategy building, along with running his own independent consulting company focused on analyzing and solving complex problems. He ...  Show More.
Philipp Wiendl, Founding Team Member, DevOps Team Lead
Philipp Wiendl has specialized in DevOps, the upkeep, configuration and operation of computer systems over the past decade. He has held senior engineering roles at multiple startups, and recently lead...  Show More.
Christopher Mosby, Founding Team Member, Cybersecurity and Law Enforcement
Christopher Mosby is a white hat hacker who has worked with government agencies worldwide with clients in over 39 countries. He is also the Founder and Chief Information Officer of Movaci, a company w...  Show More.
Angela Robinson, Senior Cryptography Writer
Angela Robinson is a Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a world famous physical sciences laboratory and a non-regulatory agency of the United States Depar...  Show More.
John Cattral, Founding Team Member,Blockchain Engineer
John Cattral has had more than 17 years experience in the technology sector building an expertise in several areas including AWS and Cloud Solutions, along with blockchain technology. He gained a weal...  Show More.
Robin Ankele, Head of Cryptography
Robin Ankele has spent many years cultivating an expertise in cryptography, privacy, zero-knowledge proofs, and full-stack development. Through his own doctoral research that is funded by Intel at the...  Show More.
Lise Wagnac, Marketing Strategist
Lise Wagnac is a Marketing Strategist, with extensive experience building teams, and helped raise multiple millions for previous projects. She has worked on over 5 blockchain marketing projects with s...  Show More.
Dan Williamson, Chief Commercial Officer
Dan Williamson has spent his career bringing innovative technologies to businesses in disrupted industries. Previously, he ran TheMediaBriefing (acquired by Haymarket) and led sales and business devel...  Show More.
Nemanja Đorđević Goya
Nemanja Đorđević is an interdisciplinary designer specialized in the User Experience and Product Design since 2006. Now as a Head of CX in Appy Corp. ProperTech and real estate startup. Previously wor...  Show More.
Ignacio Rodriguez, Senior Systems Developer
Ignacio Rodriguez is a computer programmer with professional experience since 1993. He advocates solutions that are economic, “to-the-point” and add long-term value. His code was directly included in ...  Show More.
Bhoomtawath Plinsut, Blockchain Engineer
Bhoomtawath Plinsut an experienced software engineer and tech enthusiast. He's developed critical products for multiple large scale applications with millions in annual revenue. Recently, he has helpe...  Show More.
Bradley Townsend
Bradley Townsend is an experienced growth enabler with an extensive business acumen spanning 6 years of sales and networking. He is presently driving growth for projects in the cryptocurrency space as...  Show More.
Paul Ashburn, Co-Managing Partner, BDO
Paul Ashburn has been co-managing partner of BDO’s Thailand branch for over 14 years and was previously a partner at KPMG. BDO is an international network of public accounting, tax and advisory firms ...  Show More.
Jeff Hall, PCI Guru
Jeff Hall has had over three decades worth of experience in the technology sector. He is most known for his expertise in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance, which has garnered him...  Show More.
Dr. Stephen Boulter, PhD Professor of Ethics, Oxford Brookes
Dr. Stephen Boulter is a Professor of Ethics at Oxford Brookes, has published multiple books and research articles. His research interests include the philosophy of language, the philosophy of evoluti...  Show More.
David Langer, Business Advisor
David Langer is a serial entrepreneur, an active angel investor and a startup advisor, working with a portfolio of 20+ companies. David’s areas of expertise include growth, product strategy, fundraisi...  Show More.
Chris Doerfler, Blockchain Advisor
Chris Doerfler specializes in cybersecurity, blockchain technology, analytics, and business Intel based solutions CyberArchitect. He most notably served as VP Commercial at NTT Com Security, a company...  Show More.
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Benjamin Martin
Simon Gibbons
Tahmeed Rab